Students at Holy Trinity learn the importance of their faith and learn to follow Jesus and spread his word.

Every school day begins with prayer.

Throughout each day and each school year, Holy Trinity provides many ways in which our students grow in their faith.

Weekly Mass and Adoration – Each week, our entire school celebrates the Eucharist together and each Tuesday our 1st through 8th graders participate in Eucharistic Adoration. During this time, the students honor the Eucharistic Presence of Christ and open themselves to His Graces.

Sacrament Preparation – At Holy Trinity School, students prepare for and receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation. Sacramental preparation is a two year process that begins in first grade for First Reconciliation and First Communion. Students receive those Sacraments in second grade. Confirmation preparation begins in seventh grade, and students receive this Sacrament in eighth grade.

Virtue Curriculum - Holy Trinity School has an unparalleled Virtue curriculum. Our students study learn about the virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and enable them to live virtuously as a disciple of Christ. Virtues are used in all of the curriculum, discipline, and recognition throughout the school day in and out of the classroom.

Examen Prayer  - Every day we stop all classes for a short but powerful examen prayer.  We reflect and pray about our day, give thanks, pray what we have done well for God, pray what we could have done better for God, and pray how we will go forward through the rest of the day and the next day.  

All Saints Day – Here at HTS, we have a tradition, which was started by Sr. Kathryn in 1970 where the first graders dress up as their favorite saint for the All Saints Day Mass. Each first grader shares about their saint during Mass, followed by a saint celebration afterwards.

May Crowning – The month of May honors the Virgin Mary. May Crowing is one of our most valued traditions in Catholic Schools. On the day of May Crowning, the entire school processes over to Church led by the honor procession of second graders in their First Communion clothes. The 8th grade boys carry the school statue of Mary to Church where the 8th grade class has the proviledge of crowning Mary with flowers in front of the entire school and their families.

St. Francis Blessing of the Pets – Each year on the Feast of St. Francis (October 4), we have an outdoor ceremony where Fr. Ron blesses the students' pets. Students and their parents are welcome to bring their animals to school to receive a blessing. We have had all kinds of animals here, including cats, dogs, and even pigs and horses!

Catholic Schools Week – Is celebrated beginning the last Sunday in January with our Annual Open House. Throughout the week, students participate in activities that promote Catholic awareness such as a “Souper Bowl” soup can drive, local speakers, and various themed activities.

Mime stations – During Lent, our 8th graders silently act out the Stations of the Cross in Church for the entire community.

Our students as volunteers – Our mission as a Catholic school is to pass on the gospel message of Jesus to others. We teach our children to model the life of Christ by loving and serving others. Our students are actively involved in providing service to others. Our 5th graders visit the nursing home once a month, and our 8th graders visit the shut-ins in our parish community once a month. 7th and 8th graders are required to perform service hours as part of their Confirmation preparation. Students of all ages volunteer at our parish festival and parish fish fries by carrying trays for guests, cleaning up tables, serving refreshments, and other ways. The 7th graders also help at the monthly St. Vincent de Paul distribution. There are many more opportunities and ways that our students provide service just as Jesus did.

Altar Servers - The 5th-8th graders have the opportunity to be trained as altar servers for school and weekend masses.

Mass Coordinators - The 5th-8th grade girls have the opportunity to be trained as Mass Coordinators for the school and weekend masses.

8th Grade visit to Parish Shut-ins- Each month, groups of 8th graders visit about eight of our parish shut-ins. They take a hot lunch from our cafeteria with them. The students are eager to share their school life with the shut-ins and hear from them stories of their families and life in the past. When they return to school, the students have time to tell their classmates all they heard and experienced at their visits. All the students are eager and excited to return the next month and build on the friendships they have with each of the persons we visit.