St. Gabriel Studio

St. Gabriel Studio was created out of a generous donation. Our students produce and anchor in live announcements each day at Holy Trinity. Students learn and use broadcasting software, dual cameras, teleprompter, green screen technology. The announcements bring morning prayer, intentions, the Pledge of Allegiance, weather, lunch menus, birthdays, and all other important announcements for the school day.  In addition, the students are learning public speaking, technology skills, and leadership. Finally this always translates to opportunities for other class projects and ideas through other subjects.


Little Flowers Girls' Club

Little Flowers Girls' Club is a Catholic club for girls ages 5 and up that teaches virtues through scripture, saints' biographies and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Based on the 1906 Catholic classic "The Catholic Girls' Guide" by Fr. F.X. Lasance, and the spirituality of St. Therese, the Little Flower of Liseux, this beautiful, authentically Catholic program, has delighted and instilled in our girls a love of our Catholic Faith for nearly 20 years. Little Flowers Girls' Club program consists of four years of study: Wreaths I, II, III and IV. Each of the first three Wreaths of study consist of nine virtues each. The program is so adaptable that it can be used with multiple age groups or just one grade at a time. The Leader's guides explain how. Meetings can be in the home, in a group, parish or group setting. Groups can meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Groups can start with Wreath I, but girls can join at anytime. Badges for the virtues are earned by studying the saint associated with the virtue, memorizing relevant scripture verses and studying the Catechism. The program is flexible enough to use with a variety of age groups. Little Flowers Girls' Club® has also been successfully implemented in the family. Sashes, aprons, bandanas, t-shirts and other items are extras that add to the experience, but are not necessary to running a successful Club.

Fulton Co. 4-H

“Established in 1904. 4-H is a youth organization with the mission of engaging youth to reach their fullest potential.’ The name represents four personal development areas of focus for the organization: head, heart, hands, and health. In Fulton County, we have 48 4-H clubs led by 170 adult volunteers. We offer over 200 different 4-H projects, which youth can complete and take to the Fulton Co. Fair to be judged. At Holy Trinity, many of our students belong to 4-H, and enjoy activities such as: summer camp at Camp Palmer, Gun Safety classes, horse/pig/cattle shows, club meetings, photography/sewing/woodworking projects, and going to the Fulton County Fair over Labor Day weekend! If you are interested in joining a 4-H club, please contact Lisa Fritsch at 419-829-8606.

Drama Club

At Holy Trinity we are blessed to have a stage area in our gymnasium. This enables our kids to truly experience the art of acting in a drama play or singing in our annual Spring Musical. Drama is a popular extra-curricular activity at Holy Trinity. Acting in our plays, encourages students to follow a time line, to use self-discipline, and to accept feedback from our drama coaches. It is also a great way to teach our kids how to think creatively and interact socially with other kids. Our recent performances have been: “Peter Pan”, “Christmas Play”, “Country Music Awards: Holy Trinity Style.”

Quiz Bowl

The Holy Trinity Quiz Bowl Team won First Place in the 2012 competition! 7th and 8th graders have the chance to participate in “Quiz Bowl. “It is a competitive, academic, interscholastic activity for which players attend periodic practices and then represent their school at tournaments." Quiz bowl questions range over the entire spectrum of the middle school curriculum and also include a certain amount of current events, sports, and popular culture. Quiz bowl can reinforce classroom lessons and also encourage players to go beyond their assignments to master other areas. The two major aspects to a school's quiz bowl program are practicing and competing at tournaments.

Spelling Bee

Our school has an annual Spelling Bee. Two students from each class in grades 3-8 participate. The top winner from each class represents Holy Trinity at the Fulton County Spelling Bee.